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We understand the demands of the job and designed Vest Rest to stand the test of time.


Vest Rest has been tested and approved by the National Tactical Officers Association.

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We've designed the Vest Rest to work with nearly every ballistic vest out there. Here you can see it in action with some of our own vests.


About 2 years ago a fellow police officer in the USA referred me to the Vest Rest. As a military police officer in Canada of 13 years, and knowing full well comfort is essential while on duty, I purchased a Vest Rest. Quite honestly, it is well worth the money because like a good pair of boots, having a comfortable fitting vest for 12 hours makes all the difference in the world. The reason I like the Vest Rest is it helps keep the form of the patrol vest better, where as in the past hanging the vest on a hanger (which can often bend out of shape or break), the Vest Rest holds the form of the vest to your body which occurs naturally from wear. Further, I noticed the Vest Rest allows the vest to breath better; which, on hot humid days is great for drying out the vest before having to wear it again on your next shift. Assembly was a snap, while the Vest Rest it’s self, is surprisingly compact and light weight. So many benefits for a reasonable price, any active duty police officer will appreciate the Vest Rest, no doubt about it, I totally recommend the Vest Rest! Cheers!
Todd HenneberryExecutive PresidentThe Online Investment Assurance Network Ltd.

Vest Rest Features

Vest Rest is more than just a good idea, it's a great product. Our patent pending design is built tough and guaranteed for life.

Heavy Duty

Bring it on! Vest Rest is designed to hold more than 50 pounds of gear

Powder Coated

For maximum resistance to rust and corrosion and a smooth finish

Steel Construction

Made with 1/8 inch rolled steel to withstand the torture of travel and repeated use

Easy to Assemble

Vest Rest goes together easily in a matter of minutes with no tools required

One Size Fits All

We've designed Vest Rest to work with virtually all armor sizes and types


Nothing else can compare to Vest Rest's patented design

About Us

Vest Rest was started by Mikal Wersland in the spring of 2006. The mission of the company is simple:

Protect Those That Protect Our Freedom

Our first step to fulfilling this mission is developing the best ballistic vest storage system around. Ballistic vests are relied upon by police officers, detectives, SWAT teams, military personnel, and others who serve and protect. The vests are sometimes the only thing between those people and death. We understand this and our focus is on prolonging the life of our service people by prolonging the life and viability of their vests.

Vest Rest is a Utah based company. We are proud to be an American company.

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